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Have you ever had these thoughts while working at your current job? 

"I am the first BIPOC person to be in this leadership position! I am so excited about the promotion…and no one listens to me unless I am talking about what kind of food I will bring to the staff potluck."

If you answered YES to any of these, then please contact me and together we will get you moving in the right direction!

How We Will Work Together.

All of my services incorporate a holistic approach and I offer them through a trauma informed and equity lens. Every time we meet I will include a grounding exercise or mindfulness practice; whether that be a brief reading such as a quote or poem, reflective writing, breathing exercise, visualization, listening to calming music, or just sitting in silence for a moment. 


Each of these activities will help you center and untangle the day you may have had. It brings together the ability to begin to focus and will bring you more clarity about where you want to begin to shift in your personal or professional life.


Individual coaching

This includes goal setting and creating an assessment of your strengths and growing edges. Together we will create a road map for your success. I will give you brief homework assignments and you can choose to do weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments. The timeline for this work is infinite and sometimes you will seek more guidance and other times less. 


These groups are specific to BIPOC communities only. This group will focus on our multi-layer challenges and give brave space to those who need peer support and want to develop their interpersonal leadership journey. These groups will be virtual.

organizational conversation

I provide organizational support by facilitating conversations in the form of Healing and Restorative Circles. Specific topics include organizational growth, boundary setting, equity, and providing pathways to leadership for historically excluded communities.

Fists in Solidarity

"Trust yourself. Your perceptions are often more accurate then you are willing to believe."

Claudia Black

Let's Talk

Let's Talk.

Schedule for your first 30-minute of FREE consultation.

All services are virtual at this time.


Prices and packages will be discussed during the consultation

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